Thursday, 12 February 2009

The Trash Raffle Prize List.

So now things are starting to get a little exciting and I have had so many generous offers of wonderful objets to raffle off.

U-Handbag with a gorgeous purse (picture to follow)

Lesley At Moogsmum with her beautiful doll's chair which stands about 10" tall (25 cm).

Locket and her lovely friend, Jane, are offering a selection of Phoenix cards from the fabulous selection Jane keeps as a Phoenix Trader.

Katy from I'm A Ginger Monkey and this magnificent cot quilt (oh Katy! Are those Liberty prints ??)

Little Cotton Rabbits has donated our poster girl, Annabelle (and as I type I hear people all around the world clamouring for this!)

Missus Stashbasket herself has delved deep into said stashbasket and come up trumps.
Est at My Cuppa Charms emailed asking if she could contribute a handmade cushion cover (and being the proud owner of one of Est's embroideries let me say the winner is in for a real treat.)

I have added a rustic stylee kitchen tray with a matroyshka designed and painted by me as well as 7 cards of East of India Ric-Rac (5m of each colour - burgundy, pale blue, pale pink, french blue, cream,black and raspberry pink) .
WMK has offered 2 eco-groovey prizes - fantastic shopping bags from RuMe, here and here.

Kate at Kate'squilting has created these fabric postcards, Lucy-Kate Crafts has offered Marmalade the Cat to the list and introducing to you all, Stella the SockMonster from Fan My Flame.

Then things take a decidely simian turn (with a slight detour through the porcine...)

Eve from Eve's Evocations has kindly offered a two gorgeous mini-creatures made with her own fair hands. The monkey is ~3.5" and the piggley 1.5" tall.

I have been contacted by Stine (Froglegs'n'Vaseline) with the offer of one of her gorgeous handknit monkeys (again I own one and can vouch for just how sweet these monkeys are! Waves at Lovey.)

It was at this point things could have started to get a little messy.

You see Kitty Wrinkle is making a super-special sock monkey and then last night Monkee Maker agreed to release one of the N.M.A. from his soldierly bonds. OH NO! I thought. Testosterone at dawn. The kung-fu moves of a sock monkey ninja vs. the well-drilled manouveres of a New Monkey Army Recruit.

Imagine my relief when Missus Wrinkle emailed me to say her super-special sock monkey was no ninja rather she is a delicate sweet flower of a monkey so rather than war perhaps there will be love!!


  1. A delicate sweet flower who is testing my patience. I hope she doesn't repeat the language she's heard here :-O

    Well done Mrs Trash - you've got a lovely collection of prizes there.


  2. Wow! If you've got a naughty Monkee and a Pretty Sock Monkey AND a mini Eve Monkey there could be trouble! The little Lockets own some of Eve's monkeys and they are gorgeous!

    Love, love, love that tray of yours too Trash!

    Locket xxx

  3. Er hello.... I offered a prize too. Something lovely from the Stash Basket, complete with home made fudge.

  4. Could I add a "Fan My Flame" sock monster to the list of prizes? Will send photo as soon as it's made!

  5. Oh my word Trasha - the list gets longer and longer!!

    I'm off to do some linky stuff on my blog.


  6. Finally made it into the bank yesterday to donate $50, paltry given the need but the best I can do this month. Now off to Coles to do a big weekly shop as they are donating all of their profits from today (nationwide) to the Victorian Bushfire fund.

    The raffle prizes are yummy indeed but feel free to discount me as (if I were lucky enough to get a prize) I'm in Australia and the postage costs are high.

  7. Hi there thanks so much for posting a link to the British Red Cross Australian Bushfires appeal. Much appreciated.

    Digital Fundraising
    British Red Cross

  8. Hello Mrs T, we've donated $20 to the appeal. Is it too late to offer one of my enamelled silver birdies - you may not need any more lovely prizes (so many!) but the offer's there if you want it,

    Emma xx

  9. Oh crump! I see at the bottom of your wonderfully long list of goodies you're expecting something special from me .... you do know it's just going to be a common-ol-garden monkee don't you?. Made of knit. Made of acrylic knit ....

    Sorry I haven't posted said monkee but I still have to brand his botty.

    I've not yet pledged a donation but will be sure to pop back and let you know when I do.

    Good luck with organising this ever-growing event!


  10. This is a great thing you are doing, Trash, and thank you so much for everyone who is contributing. While I am not making for auction, I am stitching up some little girls' bags to be filled with goodies for one of the bloggy appeals, have bid on Maree's (On My Verandah_ auction and yes, I have donated, along with thousands of others all over the world. Best wishes from Jan in Ballarat.

  11. Not to be petty or anything, but the picture of my postcards appears to be broked. :( All that loveliness and no one can see it... Lemme know if you need me to send it again. or you can link straight to it on my blog...

  12. hi there, i have just now donated $200 to the victorian bushfire appeal. i live not far from the worst affected areas and it is such a tragedy and so very horrible. what a wonderful experience out of all this heartache, that all around the world, people are doing whatever they can to help...please enter my name in the raffle draw.

  13. Hi - am I too late to make a donation?
    granny*jelly is busily clacking her knitting needles making a pirate softy.
    How do I donate it please?

  14. What a great thing you are doing. Thank you for holding the raffle and to all those donating prizes. I have donated $65 for the bushfire victims. I don't remember how that computes in Au money. I have them all in my thoughts and prayers. Jody