Friday, 13 March 2009

Life Realisations #One

(subtitle - Trash Phisolophies*)

Of all six of us I am the only one of my siblings who owns a dog (or three - ahem).

Which I think is strange as we all grew up with pets; in fact I think, like this hilltop house, there were dogs before there were children.

I feel the only brother who has a dog in his life wouldn't were it his choice.

Hmmmm, I'm not sure we are all related. Must ask Sylv.

* typo deliberate. spelling not completely buggered, old man dog is only one in house with neurological issues.


  1. It's funny in reverse here - having grown up with dogs etc I'm the only one of my 5 siblings who wouldn't consider having one!

    Locket xx

  2. It's not you it's them! You're obviously the closest DNA match to your parents and should therefore be known henceforth as 'The Golden Child'.

    We had the dog before the kids too - don't think I'd ever have got one had it been the other way round!

    Moogs xxx

    p.s. word verification 'pedgered' - absolutely no idea what it means but it sounds good/painful/rude/uncomfortable/illegal - maybe it's what the in-laws will do to Moogsdad if he ever buys another motorbike!!

  3. i'm sure the only reason i have so many animals is because i could not have them as a child!


  4. I have never owned a dog, nor did my parents. It's one of my ambitions. x

  5. interesting - we have recently got a cat and it has changed our life here in Balarat. We just love her to bits.

  6. I KNEW we were related - my dear old grannie is from Mayo :)

  7. oof well, my brother, sister and i are all dogless...and it's pretty much the *ONLY* thing we've got in common! :) it's kind of you to bring the siblingly average up singlehandedly, though! ♥

  8. ps: i'm pretty sure that even if your siblings HAD dogs...they wouldn't dress them up as pirates!!! (or heck, maybe that's the only thing holding them back!!!)