Sunday, 14 June 2009

My husband went to D.C. and all I got was EVOO.

CK has been back 36 hours annd things have returned to normal. We did miss him, really we did but how can one person create so much washing? However we forgave him those lil' piles of shirts and socks because he brought home presents. Yay!!!!!!!

AS part of their hot date WMK took CK somewhere amazing. Somewhere he would find all he needed to make his soul sing with happiness or at least have my soul singing with happiness which is the same thing really, don't you think? Because he knows me so well he found the perfect something -

I have many cake tins. Many, many cake tins. All different shapes and sizes ranging from ancient tin ones that seem to be the legacy of this house through to uber-whizzy silicone ones. Some are basic while others are of a more complex design. At last count there were 30 plus, so many in fact that they have their own cupboard in the kitchen, but I have the same issue with every single one of them - no matter what I do to the tins the blurry cake stays stuck inside. I have greased and floured to within an inch of my life, I have lined tins with brown paper, greaseproof and on one weird day there was an elephant involved (don't ask) nothing EVER comes out all the way evenly each time. But not this time, oh no...

I followed the instructions on the packaging (boy do all y'all Americans cook with a LOT of sugar!) and left the cakes to sit for 15 minutes. Then, nervously, with a flick of my wrist out they all came POP! from the pan.

Tah Dah!!!!
But that wasn't his only purchase there, oh no. Obviously attracted by its pumpkin-coloured cover he also brought me home this.

And do you know what I love about this book? It has real recipes in it that I can make. In fact this one may be for dinner tomorrow night ~mmmmmmm, onion.

It is also a cultural reference text., I cannot believe that it took several sightings of the word before I figured out 'Stoup'

A really thick soup but kind of like a really thin stew - Stoup!

(Here comes the analogy bit that left CK less than thrilled) This book is more 'Reader's Wives than Playboy (and I am NOT searching for links!). and I really do mean that in the best possible way. The recipes in this book are makeable, I already own or have easy access to the ingredients. I can make the food without a mahoosive amount of organisation.

Cultural openess aside - in its original form I am NEVER making this one!

But any harsh feelings about being fed rodents is tossed to one side with the introduction of our new favourite word in the whole entire world.

Oh EVOO, how we love you. You have made us laugh so hard our tummies hurt. Sunday afternoon while lazing in the hammock I called into the house 'EVOO!' and was met with the thunder of stamping feet and chanting voices. 'EVOO, EVOO, EVOO' echoed around the garden. We are in the grip of it here and now. You may keep your Swine Flu and economic crisis. We ignore your political meltdown and social collapse. We are tucked safe in the world of EVOO!!!!!!!


  1. An amazing caterpiller cake! I've never seen anything like that tin. Good job on the gifting, there, Mister Trashy.

    I've got a pan of brownies in the oven at this moment, and do you want to know my secret for moist, flavorful brownies?


  2. ohhhhhh its a caterpillar cake tin!!!!!!
    welll duh..I can see it now.ROFL!!!!!

    so glad he did so well!!

    aussie hugs

  3. *pouts* I wish I had a cake tin cupboard. My baking crap takes up a very untidy third of the General Kitchen Paraphernalia Cupboard and frankly, it is a pest finding and extracting the desired tin.

  4. I couldn't figure out what that thing was either...but I'm glad it popped out right!!

    And I love Rachel Ray's recipes...I've been successful with quite a few of them!

  5. Ohhh I'm impressed at your cake. I'm glad that someone said it was a caterpillar cause I was going to show my ingnorance and ask...vbg. Lucky you to get such lovely pressies

  6. Oh I see it now ... a caterpiller ... that is amazingly cute!! My cake tins are soooo boring [[sigh]]!!
    Joy :o)

  7. Why an elephant?

    Well you said not to ask!

    Locket xx

  8. Ha haa - I thought it was a load of glad others put me right on the caterpillar thing...mind you it's hardly surprising as I can't tell a monkey from a leopard!!

    Good shopping CK! The book looks great. Kind of with you on the squirrel recipe.

    I think EVOO will always be EVOO from now on!! So much more fun than swine flu, for a start and it's much better for cooking your eggs in....


  9. Eh you're crackin' me up!
    I have a recipe card for Brunswick Stew - see here:
    I must go back and check and see what type of meat it includes.
    I just have to add that every time I watch her show, I just want to kick the screen in.... she hollers about EVOO way too much!

  10. Evoo, evoo, evooooo .... I want evoo too. Especially if it comes with a wee side serving of squirrel!

  11. oh my, EVOO is going to stay locked in my head now!!! what a hoot! love the little cakes, i too didn't quite know what they were! but, they look like they tasted good!


  12. Hahaha -- yes we DO LOVE our sugar -- the more the better!!! I, for one, would love to see your cake tin collection -- that would make a good blog post. And clearly, you haven't been bombarded on multiple tv channels by Miss Bubbly EVOO herself -- after awhile she's just plain annoying. An. Noy. Ing. (But speaking of EVOO, the other day at work, one of the guys' wives had called and left a message for him to bring some EVOO home from the grocery store. So, I stumbled upong a group of guys trying to figure out what EVOO was. I set them straight, but I had to abuse them in the process -- good fun!)

  13. I too was wondering if the cake was meant to be something (impressive though it is) but now I've read the comments I can seeit is indeed a caterpillar.

  14. Evoo ???? OK , (backing away and slowly scrabbling for the door handle)

  15. I had never heard of it called EVOO before! It makes it sounds synthetic of something!!

    Love the cake tin. My cake tins get treated with much disdain by the Chief Dishwasher, and everytime I bring another home he curses, he really does.