Saturday, 20 June 2009

One extreme to another.

Did I mention CK travelled abroad recently?

As well as EVOO hunting and some kind of business meeting he also had a hot date with my very lovely blog friend, WMK. She ever so sweetly sent him home with a parcel of fabulousness just for me!

Look, look, look! These three gorgeous pieces of fabric. I think the batik-stylee one is heading towards being fussycut, the other two I just stroke. Y'all understand, right?

Some 'make-me-smile' Kniterella cards and a card of badges - All American phrases and pictures that destructoBoy snapped up straight away. He kept asking for the 'Bill Mick Firefighter' one and as we were busy heading out the door for school I said yes without really listening. It was only as we walked through the schoolgate that I spotted the 'Lil Miss Firecracker' badge on his sweatshirt! When I picked him up that afternoon it had migrated to his backpack ;-)

But that was not all. Oh no! That was not all.

There was a HUGE piece of this, all soft and silky.

I unwrapped it on the Saturday at lunchtime and by bedtime it had turned into these.

Both father and daughter have mocked the size. I just keep telling them she is getting neither shorter nor skinnier ;-) CK suggests he could fit into them, I said show me and I'll blog it to get independent views.

All of these lovely things were stowed inside this sweet backpack

And at the very bottom guess what was hiding?

Oh yes it is! A skein of Posh Yarn. I may never make anything with it but just look at it and stroke it occasionally.

So the other extreme?

My assistant had girlie surgery last Monday. She should be 100% and back at work next Friday.


  1. How fantastic! Hours of fun in that little lot.

  2. ooohhh errr, i have heard that the girlie surgery can be quite hard to get over. Maybe she will have to get a doctors certificate and take another week off.

  3. What a special man to meet your bloggy friends in the middle of business trips abroad!

  4. wow, lots of luverly goodies, and that yarn, on my, i bet you just have to keep looking at it!!!
    hope little cutiepie back to normal soon.


  5. Ouch! Hope little assistant bounces back quickly after her girlie surgery!

    Great goodies though Trashy!

    Locket xxx

  6. Oooh - lovely goodies - especially that very posh Posh Yarn!

    Speedy recovery to the little assistant after having her bits done :-)