Sunday, 21 June 2009

Recuperation is never what you imagine.

My assistant has spent the week recuperating.

This has involved mostly sleeping with the occasional bout of table climbing and peg killing.

There was also an incident with a determined drum player.

What is it? Make it stop.

Make it stop or I will.

It has to STOP!

Last night however things got a bit tense, she was very reluctant to wake up for dinner and refused all food. While her stitches were safely in place her tummy was swollen and lumpy and very, very hot. After very little sleep I ended up taking her to the vet this morning at 0630.

Despite the fact that we got him out of bed at ungodly'o'clock Lovely Vet David (LVD) was very nice and chatted happily despite Iz growling as soon as she saw him (guarding the building from the outside-crazy puppy!). Of course she now has reason to growl, he took her temperature ;-) But HOORAY it was normal, there was no infection and so no real reason to worry.

With mahoosive apologies to LVD we drove back home happy that the anti-emetic would prevent another 'bomit' on the bedclothes. This pleased me greatly as having stripped, washed and dried my bedlinen after being woken at 0700 Saturday by the 'bomity' puppy I didn't actually get to sleep in it last night, what staying downstairs to check my assistant's faculties every two hours.

But she is well so I shall enjoy getting into bed in just a few minutes :-)


  1. Hope your poor wee assistant is back to her normal self real soon!!
    Sleep tight ;o).
    Joy :o)

  2. Oh, those looooong nights of trying to decide whether or not to call the vet...and always seems to be a weekend or holiday!

    So glad the pupster is getting along better.

    BTW, how does she manage to get onto that table - and with stitches, yet? Is it next to a low wall? Does she climb into a chair first, as a stepping-stone? Can she...oh my goodness, can she FLY???

    Best wishes for a speedy (and peaceful, for you!) recovery :)

  3. why is it always in the middle of the night when kids/pets get sick???bugga.
    I am glad she is on the road to recovery.and I hope you get some sleep very soon!!

    aussie hugs

  4. I hope you and the trusty assistant have a better night tonight with no 'bomit' on the bedclothes. Poor, poor puppy. It is tough being a woman!!
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  5. oh poor little thing! i hope she is back to her normal bouncy self soon - and you have a nice little nap!


  6. Having the assistant "tutored" is always a bit stressful, what with the bomiting and such. Hope she is back to her cutely self in the very near future.

  7. Poor little assistant! Doesn't look like she does recuperation in a restful manner!

    Locket xx

  8. oooh I thought she had digested one of the dead pegs!

  9. aww hope your lovely assistant is back in top form soon!