Monday, 6 July 2009

A bizarre end to a lovely day.

The Southern division of A.R.S.E. arranged a group meeting on Sunday and it happened (magically ;-) to coincide with the occasion of Handmade in Winchester.

Attending were the Captain of the Eastern Division
And a trusty sub-altern.
What with it being a nice sunny day and all we sat out having lunch, peoplewatching and possibly doing a spot of knitting.

Lunch ..... mmmmmm ....
I took my slightly non-plussed RicRac monster out for the event.
Can you guess which one she is?
And having survived the Handmade event and visited with 23 Beech Hill, Monda and Half an Acre among and then assaulted the new Cath Kidston shop after lunch it was necessary to go and have a cup of tea apparently.
And what is afternoon tea without cake?
Just in case anyone is listening, Lesley refused to share my very gooey, uber-chocolatey one. Not even a little smackerel passed her lips, which was rather fabulous because then there was all the more for me! Yay!!

Then bombing off down the A30 with Maria Juanita Conchita Gonzalez topless all the way. Stopped in briefly to see my god-daughter and admire the canula strapped to her big sister's arm (! very unexpected by everyone that was) before pitching up home in time to have destructoBoy direct me up the drive from his vantage point sticking up through the roof of Maria Juanita Conchita Gonzalez.
After an evening spent stroking the divinely soft cashmere skein purchase and ooohing and aaahing a little bit over everything else I went off to brush my teeth before climbing in to bed. I came over all a quiver when right in the middle of the bathroom floor was this!
I would blame my assistant but she wasn't the one who left the front door open!


  1. I have to ask - what does A.R.S.E stand for?
    good to meet you on sunday!!!

  2. I enlarged that photo. That frog thing has hair all over it.

    Strange hairy beasts you have in your neck of the woods...

  3. Better than a spider I say!

    PS Love the new bathroom tiles ;-)

  4. Sounds like a fun day out!

  5. And to think we were not 15 miles away on Saturday.

    Sounds like a wonderful day out!

  6. Sounds like a great day! For everyone except the frog!

    Locket xxx

  7. I enlarged that hairy frog photo too.

    I am weird like that.

    And contemplated what an otherwise perfect day that was!

  8. Cheers for putting those utterly gorgeous photos of me up there!!

    It was a great day - even if you did make us stop for tea every five minutes ;)

    Off now to enlarge your frog .....hairy frog? hairy with frog hair or dog hair?


  9. Sounds like a fab time (not the hairy frog bit granted!) and great pics to bring a smile on a very wet and thundery day!

  10. I'm not sure what's more strange, that there's a frog in your bathroom or that it looks like some sort of frog/yorkshire terrier hybrid! I'd probably have freaked if I'd walked into that in the middle of my bathroom floor.

    The A.R.S.E meet up sounds rather fab. Mmmmmmmm at that yummy chocolate cake *homer drool*

    (my word verification is Bizarre, gotta love the randomness of those).

  11. What mad companions you had - especially the one who refused her share of chocolate cake. (Well done there Mrs Moog, I'm proud of you!)

  12. Naughty, naughty, naughty ... look at that cake ~ & I didn't get any of it !
    Lovely to meet you, glad you had a good day, you certainly packed it in Mrs x

  13. OMG... I had to enlarge the photo just to check exactly what was in your bathroom - that's a frog...yik!!! A very hairy frog. How did you get it out?

    At least you had a fabulous day Trash.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  14. Meeting up with friends is always fun fun fun! :-)Now, I don't understand at all why anybody would refuse a yummy... oh so yummy chocolate cake. Eeekkk I think I need me some sweets LoL

    The last photo I thought was a crab. Then I thought, a crab? After seeing the larger photo, boy did I have a good laugh. That must have been a long hop away to get to the bathroom :-)

    Oh, to compensate on my need for sweetness, there's something sweet I received today (yup I'm grining). Ok I will not hug the comment section too much and will just email you :-) I hope it won't get caught on spam LoL

  15. i too would like to know what club i'm a member of????
    well at least it wasn't a bird!!!