Wednesday, 7 July 2010

So this was the reply I sent...

"Obviously rudeness was unintentional but there was an incident happening where the dogs were trying to attack the postie. It was an issue of priorities, we are already on the Royal Mail's hitlist.

Glad to hear L was not seriously injured and yes, character is a good thing to possess. "

And for those not au fait w my dogs' reactions to Smiley Carol click here.


  1. Just right ... you have a way with words :o).
    Joy :o)
    PS - I'm with Katy, he looks scary!!! ;o)

  2. A good response I think ... do I know this friend?

    I do feel sorry for Smiley Carol - well really for all surprise visitors at your house ;-)

  3. Good answer. And weird email from her, IMHO.