Sunday, 5 September 2010

Phew! I think we have the cakes sorted.

There is a tradition up here at Trash Towers of two birthday cakes on your birthday.

Yes that is correct two, because what is a birthday without cake for breakfast?

destrutoBoy has requested Lemon Drizzle to start the day which is a fresh, zingy (sugar-laden) flavour to kickstart the celebrations. Perfect choice as a recent Good Food had a recipe for a gluten-free lemon cake and I reeeeeeeeeeaaally wanted to try it.

Wish I hadn't.

It was yuk. Squooshy texture and an unceratin taste that left my tongue perplexed. So need to find another recipe (hurrah for the innernets) and also make small cakes to take into school.

The birthday boy has asked for a surprise for the teatime one. I am currently torn between A)something pool table-ish as this is his current fascination and B) something I can cover in small, plastic horses and ponies as I have been telling him for weeks he can expect 'the birthday pony' to turn up for his present.

This joke has been pleasingly exacerbated by the number of saddles and riding kit we have seen in windows of charity and junk shops recently and the fact that it is harvest time and the roads are filled with mahoosive trailers laden high with haybales.

Right then. Let the baking commence!


  1. OOOooh I like that cake for brekky tradition. I'm totally going to make that a new tradition on my birthday starting next year.

  2. I remember staying with my penfriend in Germany in the 80s and we had black forest gateau for breakfast. I'm just saying ...

  3. Mmmmm cake. Breaky cakes sounds like a tradition I will be adopting. Thanks!
    I wonder what you'll choose for the dinner celebrations....

  4. Oooh! I've just read DottyCookie's post and I really want Black Forest Gateau for breakfast RIGHT NOW! When I was young we used to occasionally go shopping in Salisbury and the first place we went to (really really early because my Mum always does shopping as early as possible) was Snells Coffee Shop. You could smell the coffee from a street away and even before I liked coffee I loved the smell. Anyway, back to the point of my tale, I always used to have a slice of the most delicious BFG at about 9.15 in the morning! the perfect start to the day! Me xx

  5. What a fantastic tradition! I feel that one may be worth adopting.

    Love the idea of waking up to lemon drizzle cake, although I draw the line at gluten-free!