Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Huzzah! Birthday handover completed.

CK now proud owner of 'Plane socks', completed after 20 months of knitting.

They are black and knit only.

I should be embarrassed it took so long but quietly I am quite chuffed.

Happy BIG birthday CK :-)

Friday, 22 July 2011


What a woman looks like on the inside when she says
during a discussion with her partner.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

It resonated.

I read Fox's Lane's post today. It resonated. I left the following comment.

"For 17 years I have been walking my dogs across the hilltop of my town and each time I take at least a few minutes to take in the beauty of the view, imagine those who have walked that same hilltop during past millenia, watch the trees being moved by everything from gentle Summer breezes to bitter, snow-filled gales. Each time. Slow is definitely the way to live."

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Something that gives me hope.

(Having made an origami waterbomb the trick was to fill and launch it before her brother's suspiscions were aroused.)

With the school year only a week away from its end we all mooched around the house yesterday in various states of exhasution and done-inness.

Princess C-W was regaling me with stories from her week - who she spoke with, who was uncool right now, whether she preferred being a 'history boff' or a 'science nerd' and the general social interactions that go in in a mixed sex school (something waaaay outside my own academic experience).

"Yah so, anyway, Miranda Blaggleshorn has been going out with Adrian Scumswiggle for three months now and she STILL hasn't told her mother!"

The surprise in her voice was palpable. Long may she consider it completely normal to share all headline information with her mother.

Of course, I know I can live without hearing the details.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Floor for new laundry

I have fallen in love with this idea. I think it clever, looks smart and is exceptionally fabulous.

CK remains unconvinced about having the ENTIRE floor pennified but has had a lovely time claculating the cost of the floor per square metre, the quantity required, and what how many would be need if two pence pieces were used instead because, as we all know, they are twice the diameter of a penny and therefore take up four times the space.

Do you love it? Do you?

We are currently tabling it as an issue for future discussion.

Monday, 11 July 2011

CK's birthday plans. Any hints?

In two weeks CK is hitting a BIG birthday. To celebrate the four of us are going to have two nights in London while someone looks after the dogs.

This weekend he asked me what we were going to do. What? Apparently part of his present is that I organise the intinerary - GULP?!?!?!?

The first day isn't so bad as it involves travel and then mooching through Science and Natual History Museums. Unsure about things to do once they close though.

Then on the birthday itself I am thinking touristing through Central London before lunch at Wahaca followed by a walk down Whitehall and then on to the riverside.

But the details are eluding me. Blogworld I am asking for suggestions about what you would want to do if you were spending three days being a tourist in London?

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

I feel so grown-up

In the last two days I have dealt with financial advisors and financial matters in an effective and (vaguely) professional manner, organised holiday get togethers for destructoBoy so that when his sister is at Scout Camp he has something to do AND I have instructed a builder!!!!!

Yes I have!

There will actually be real live building work taking place at my house this Summer. Oh! And OH!


Monday, 4 July 2011

Mood shift noted

Last night I was sitting quietly on the couch, scrolling through Pinterest and letting slip the occasional giggle. CK looked across at me and "You're starting to get excited about 'The Kitchen' again."

"Huh?" (flick, pin, click, type, pin, click, flick.)

"You are looking at interiors and designs for the new space again. You haven't done that for a few months since things started getting bogged down with planning."

Well I suppose I haven't been but then I hadn't really understood 'Pinterest' until recently either.
I have a board just for kitchen ideas if you wanna look. Just click here .