Sunday, 30 January 2011

Alone. All alone.

So here I am, the day before the end of January and I have been kicked out of my home.

I shouldn't complain really I suppose.

The sun is shining. The sky is blue and finally the temperature has risen into positive numbers. That and the fact that my banishment is only temporary. As I wait for the ping of the text message to say I am allowed back I am sitting ina flash chain coffe shop at a table with comfy seats. I have an uber-trashy newspaper, CK's baby laptop, my knitting plus a MAHOOSIVE hot chocolate has been consumed.

One can only imagine the things that are taking place back at Trash Towers.

Last year during my exclusion they were designing and decorating the '40' magnet that now adorns my fridge. The year before I walked the dogs in the bitter cold and dark while they secretly baked a cake. Apparently it was CK's determination to keep it secret that stopped him washing the dishes that were already waiting to be done. You see, he didn't want me becoming suspicious so he only did the implements of baking. He was corrected of this misapprehension very swiftly.

Tomorrow will show the results of today's adventures.

So anyway this past week up at Trash Towers we have

- had the architect visit and been extremely excited to think we wouldn't need planning permission but reality soon intruded. (I know I have posted this already but I did say the ecitement was extreme!!!)

- had words with destructoBoy's teacher bc I am sending him to school in tears as he is so bored. Was very restrained about the whole thing and tried to work w her (trust me it isn't easy) but think the older, v . experienced teacher sidling into room on a pretext during meeting AND then contributing more than a little rude and quite odd.

- been pondering the balance of letting daughter attend much desired sleepover vs not wishing her to watch 'Zombieland' movie OR 'Sun, sea & sex' tv programme.

- been gobsmacked at friend thinking it funny to point out on Facebook that she thinks I talk to much. Perhaps I do love but there is a time and place is all I am saying.

- watched OMD become increasingly wobbly-headed and unsteady. Think he may have had another episode. Current in-house theory is extreme cold exacerbates his condition.

- found job to apply for. Right field, close-by, not ridiculous hours. All this adds up to me being unlikely to get it! Never mind, shall send in application anyway.

- have given into the frigging headcold that has been visiting. Am so completely over having to exist on lipbalm and water. Promise that one day my lips will be uncracked?

- made one of Jodie's softies. OK so his head is a little skewiff and I didn't put on the seperate face bit that actually makes him a monkey but d/Boy and I were pleased.

- made a fairy skirt for god-daughter bc it is really only 4yo who will wear the things I make (see note about 'skewiff' above).

- tried to knit lace patterns. With each attempt I manage several rows correctly and then BAM! the whole thing goes wrong. Do you think it is personal?

- had a pedicure AND an eyelash tint. Beautician lady is also teaching assistant at d/Boy's school so indulged in good gossip. Plus tint was free as she was practising for her course. Noice!

- planned day out to Southampton with CK tomorrow. John Lewis, Ikea, Waterstones and as many other nice shops as I can fit into the available time there. Damn you school pick-up necessity!

- made biscuits AND cake for school cake stall.

- had lunch with lovely friends in gorgeous cottage. Some people just have the magic touch with design and acessories.

- been with a friend when she received horrible news.

- , as always, taken time to be grateful and appreciative of the small things that make up life.

Wishing you all a fabulous February.


  1. A lovely post full of news ...

    And happy birthday!

  2. Boy you've been busy - all that in a week!!??!!! Have a fabulous Birthday dear Trash ... and good luck with that job too, they'd be MAD not to hire you ;o)!!!
    Joy ;o)

  3. Very busy and I hope the surprise and the day are wonderful !!!
    I am very confused about the monkey-I thought you were making a frog???

  4. I hope they come up with a lovely surprise for you. Also, almost every time I do something vaguely lace-like with my knitting I experience the same thing as you. Can I just say it IS extremely frustrating but the upshot has been that all that unravelling and redoing has really helped me to understand what I'm doing and I can frequently save it now when disaster strikes.

  5. Hope you have a wonderfuly surprise and a big Happy Birthday

  6. Ohh I hope it's a wonderful surprise for you. Lovely newsy post - and I'd wonder about the older teacher butting in too. Hmmmm. Grab another hot chocolate and drink it for me...can't think of anything nicer than being in a nice cafe relaxing and wondering about the surprise. Ohh and no you don't talk too much - well no more than me....giggle.
    PS If you want warm weather head on over - 42 degrees and rising. I'm on strike this afternoon and not working - neither is the boss for that matter...vbg.

  7. Holy Cow -- that's a BUSY week -- were you just trying to cram it all in before you're too old to do all that stuff anymore??? ;-P

    Happy, Happy Birthday!!!

  8. Seriously, I just had to scroll back up to see if you said "in the past week", not the past month! Wow! You have been busy.
    Hope you have had a lovely surprise waiting for your return. Let the Birthday celebrations begin!
    Cheers to you Trash.

  9. i'm sure your 'exile' was worth it!!! Is CK feeling a bit wobbly spending a whole day shopping? Hope you have a fantabulous day!!!